ACCUSENSING Technology was founded at Taichung, R.O.C.(Taiwan) in November 2017.

We figured out that a long time waiting for conventional laboratory analysis resulted in decision-making delay followed by further pollution extension, which lastly threatened people's livelihood water, agricultural irrigation, and food safety. To solve this problem, ACCUSENSING combined electrochemical sensing technology with IoT technology to create a short-waiting and easy-to-use solution, which dramatically shortened the waiting time from weeks to minutes and minimized the technical user barrier.

Furthermore, the value we get within minutes has a high correlation with the laboratory analysis result. We believe the way we build can make the water quality information more transparent to ensure worldwide water safety.

ACCUSENSING is a professional sensor manufacturer with the abillity of research and development.
By developing fast and accurate monitoring devices for environment, we expect that increasing environmental problems will be substantially solved by significantly reducing sample analysis time form weeks to minutes.