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PromEnergoLab – Laboratory Equipment

Engineering and supply of research and laboratory equipment.

We are located in Moscow, Russia
Russia is closer to you with PromEnergoLab: all our employees speak English which eliminates all language barriers between us and our clients. We provide quick responses and do everything to get job done smoothly and timely.

Installation and tech support
Our engineers are ready to take trainings at manufacturer’s sites to provide installation and quality technical support of the equipment to the end user locally. This is especially important for us as it makes the interaction between manufacturer and end user simple, fast and easy.

Leave all the logistic issues for us – we take care of delivery of the orders and do all paperwork for custom clearance and certifications.

We have a lot of experience in dealing with manufacturers from all over the world: from Europe (Lithuania, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland etc.), Asia (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, India etc.), the USA and other countries. We appreciate long-lasting relationships with our partners and contribute in them when we can.

More about Us
Our Strengths
Goodwill <br>and professionalism
and professionalism

Highly qualified engineers trained and certified by equipment manufacturers.

High quality <br>equipment
High quality

Reliable operation and components. Official distributor of the world's leading manufacturers.

Delivery in Russia and <br>in countries of the CIS
Delivery in Russia and
in countries of the CIS

We will take care of delivery of equipment, regardless of your location, timely and reliably.

Technical support <br>and maintenance
Technical support
and maintenance

You can count on us from the moment of commissioning prior to post-warranty equipment repair.

Our Partners
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