AcroMass Technology Inc. was established in 2010 to develop a unique mass spectrometer for wide mass range detection. It is a completely owned subsidiary company of Scientech Corporation. The first product covers molecular range from 500 to 500k Da, aiming at applications include Medicine, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers, etc. A few systems have been tested at major research institutes and hospitals, producing breakthrough results.

Advantages of our mass spectrometer: Small size (50cmx50cmx60cm), no extra gas cylinder required, easy to carry. Equipped with innovative, no mass limitation, high-sensitivity ion charge detector, and small vacuum chamber technology with low load, fast pumping, and stable gas pressure; and with a highly integrated, ion-guided / ion trap multifunctional drive platform Developed a new ion trap mass spectrometer with high-efficiency ion capture, low ion loss transmission, and high-resolution phase modulation dynamics. Because the spectroscopic mass spectrometer has a modular design, each module can also be used independently in other fields.