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As a venture capital company, CPT Inc has been specializing for 29 years in the production of experimental installations for temperature control, stability, homogeneity of physical and chemical experimental equipment, semiconductors, equipment for research and development of new materials, batteries, in the development of chemicals, in the field of biotechnology.

The company's products are under strict quality control of CE, ISO9001 and ISO14001. The company's laboratory, where the devices are created and developed, was founded in 2002.

CPT Inc's main products include refrigeration units, precision control systems for low temperature circulating water baths, programmable circulators for precision cooling / heating, oil baths, cold traps, etc.

CPT Inc equipment:

  • Laboratory thermostats
  • Calibration baths
  • Laboratory water baths
  • Oil baths
  • Viscometer baths
  • Vacuum traps