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Diodela was originally founded as a spin-off from Center for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC). Using FTMC developed and exclusively licensed laser technology our company produces Industrial laser systems for laser welding, cleaning and other photonics based material processing. Due to close collaboration with laser science centers and vast experience in photonics, Diodela team is able to build innovative and precise laser systems that meet all Industrial needs.

Diodela have started its production of laser welding systems in 2020. This new generation technology was developed for industrial users that seek for innovation and precision in their daily processes.

At Diodela we rely on lasers every day and especially in challenging situations. Our laser systems are made by professional scientists and engineers using the best theoretical and practical experience. We closely cooperate with Industrial companies to understand their needs and offer solution that improves their technological processes.

Our mission is to create an industrial breakthrough by supporting innovative companies with excellent quality and client orientated photonics solutions. Our vision is to become a leading company in Industrial Photonics field that offers reliable, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Diodela is located in Lithuania, Vilnius. The city has a long history in photonics where many well-known photonics companies were established.