DongWoo Optron

DongWoo Optron is a research and development enterprise specializing in spectroscopy.

The company was founded in 1989 under the name "DongWoo Trading" and specialized in supplying high quality and high-tech optical equipment to South Korea. However, 9 years of hard research and development led DongWoo to create its first monochromator in its own factory in 1998. Subsequently, the company was renamed "DongWoo Optron Co., Ltd." and transferred all its resources to research and development of high-precision spectroscopic instruments. Today DongWoo Optron has made a worldwide name for itself as a company producing high-end systems for spectroscopy.

DongWoo Optron is committed to creating the most advanced optical equipment you really need. This process is always two-sided: all the requirements and wishes of customers are taken into account and maximum efforts are made to develop and create any system.