The use of lasers in a variety of research fields and industry, medicine and finally in many products of daily life demands a qualified education and training of students in laser technology. eLas specialize in the development, manufacture and marketing of laser and photonics teaching systems. Universities, technical high schools and vocational schools are addressed by the educational kits developed from eLas to support and improve practical laser and physics training.

More than 20 training systems of the topics optics fundamentals, laser basics, laser metrology, fiber optics and telecommunications, and laser applications are presented by eLas.

Additionally to these products eLas offers support for elaboration of suited curriculums for laser courses, design of the laboratories and advice in equipment selection with concepts for complete laser training facilities. Last but not least, training courses for all experimental systems are held at eLas‘ place as well as at your site.

Development and production of our products are both consolidated in one facility. eLas markets its products and services all around the world through a global network of carefully selected representatives.