Ellipso Technology

Since the 21st Century NanoTechnology(NT) era, the utilization of thin flims is getting more and more diversifying. Accordingly, the need for ellipsometers which are useful to evaluate the structure and the properties of thin films has been greatly increasing.

However, because of poor infrastructure, domestic industryies were dependent 100 % on imported equipment. In July 2000, KIM Sang-Youl, who is a professor in Ajou University and famous ellipsometry expert worldwide, has founded Ellipso Technology which is top professional company nationwide especially for thin film and polarization, with his copious research experience.

Professor Kim has created the nations's first single wavelength ellipsometer(SWE) and spectroscopic ellipsometer(SE) and through Ellipso Technology, he has developed extended systems which can add dual laser, variable angle of incidence(AOI), mapping, micro spot, high speed, ultra precisely polarization controlled, transmittance/reflectance systems.

Beside ellipsometer/polarimeter product family, by combining ellipsometer and spectrometer and applying modified Fast Fourier Transformation(m-FFT), Ellipso Technology has been developed and supplied optical equipments which can measure thicknesses in a wide range, such as from sub-Angstrom thin film to hundreds micron thick film, for variety of product such as MgO on pattern, OLED, LED and solar cell.

Also, based on the polarization technology of ellipsometry, we developed and supplied precision polarization measurement equipments such as, Retardation(R_in, R_th, Zero Retardation) Measurement system. Quite recently, ultra-precise polarization measurement system for aligned PI layers by rubbing or photo-inducing is successfully utilized.  Film Measurement System, High CR( <million:1) Measurement System, Light Axis-Bent Measurement System for multi-combined panel with polarization board and compensation board and Micro Polarization Profiler are also developed.

Through continuous research, Ellipso Technology, with pride as the world's leading manufacturer of Optic-based Thin Film Analysis Instrument, would like to grow up with you by providing customized and field oriented thin film & polarization analysis system with customized measurement and analysis softwares.