Femtonics specializes in manufacturing two-photon laser scanning microscopes. Building on breakthroughs achieved in the bordering fields of optics and quantum mechanics, our systems provide the most innovative technologies, fitting a wide variety of in vivo and in vitro biological applications. We dedicate ourselves to neuroscience and aim to discover new technologies, to aid researchers striving to understand the nervous system, its pathomechanisms, and to support pharmaceutical development. All the creative work and investments poured into our products and technology, combined with a careful monitoring of our customers’ requirements, produces remarkable results. In the complex and sophisticated world of science, we give our clients a real personalized touch in the form or a unique, powerful laboratory tool, fitting their vision perfectly.

Our flagship product, the FEMTO3D Atlas is a pioneer in the field of 3D multiphoton microscopy by using 3D acousto-optic (AO) technology, and it is a unique laboratory tool capable of performing ultrafast real-time in vivo 3D imaging. Furthermore, we also offer conventional systems: the FEMTOSmart series can be complemented by an array of optional modules for various biological applications, fitting any scientific need.

We excel in combining the highest level of technology with a researcher’s scientific knowledge, background, experience and long-term goals in the greatly competitive market of laser scanning microscopy. Our AO technology has won several prestigious grants and prizes and has been validated by groundbreaking scientific results published in high-impact scientific journals (Science, Nature Methods, Nature Neuroscience). Our professionals hold presentations at the most prestigious neuroscientific conferences regularly.  

Our company was founded in 2005 by two scientists as a spin-off R&D company with roots in the Institute of Experimental Medicine. The main mission of the founders was to reform the established techniques of neuroscience and human diagnostics. Since then, we have expanded into a highly qualified multidisciplinary team of optical and mechanical engineers, physicists, biologists, physicians, mathematicians and scientists from many related fields. Our performance-driven attitude, unshakable focus on our customers and our determination to address emerging scientific needs has resulted in 20 world records, 120+ installed setups, 300 satisfied users and 140+ publications.