JSR Trading

To help us achieve our vision, we leverage the synergy that comes from being a member of the JSR Group, led by the independent chemical company JSR Corporation. This includes exploiting the group’s diverse resources, such as the expertise unique to a manufacturer of original products offering value, as well as professional insights grounded in years of experience and an expansive network of overseas sites and people. In addition to procuring materials from around the world, we also create new value by sometimes directly manufacturing the products that customers need. We offer the right solutions through a value chain encompassing production, sales, and after-sales services.

As we do so, we place great stock in the power of our people to conceive ideas that take advantage of the JSR Group’s immense synergy. Every employee is encouraged to thoroughly analyze the challenges faced by our customers and to boldly endeavor to find the optimal solutions. This is because it is only when we push ourselves that way that we are able to move people’s hearts—and move the world. As we nurture all our team members to be doers who can think on their own feet, we strive to move the world and enrich people’s lives.