Porometer NV was founded in 2007 in Belgium with the purpose of bringing better porometers to the market than currently available. Before starting Porometer, the team had worked since many years with different types of porometers, analyzing samples daily and acquiring a true understanding of porometers and their applications.

Together with IB-FT – a German engineering company with a solid track record of engineering and manufacturing test equipment for the filter industry –  we developed the POROLUX™, a range of instruments based on capillary flow porometry for testing membranes, filters, technical textiles, nonwovens, papers, hollow fibers and ceramics amongst other. 

In 2008, the first POROLUX™ 1000 was sold, it became an immediate success in Europe with sales to key industrial & academic accounts.

By 2011, we added the POROLUX™ 100 to the range. Over the years, the portfolio expanded to include more POROLUX™ models . 

In 2017, we commercialised our POROLIQ™ 1000 Liquid-Liquid Porometer.