Due to the high requirements of their customers in the fifties, Carlo Erba developed the first generation of automated instruments for mercury porosimetry and volumetric gas adsorption.

With more than 30 years experience in sales and servicing of these products, former employees of Carlo Erba Germany founded the company POROTEC in 1994 taking over the distribution of the microstructure lines for THERMO Scientific (Carlo Erba) and the support of over 250 customers in Germany. In 1995 POROTEC became responsible for distribution in Switzerland and after opening our office in Vienna Austria, the eastern European countries were also added to our sales region.

In the same year POROTEC began distributing the Dynamic Vapour Sorption and Inverse Gas Chromatography instruments.

In 1982 close contact with scientific researchers allowed us to organise the first "Workshop on the characterisation of finely divided and porous solids" with more than 90 participants.

This 2 day event has then been repeated every 2 years until today. The XVI. POROTEC Workshop was held 2018 in Niedernhausen/Ts., with more than 50 presentations of well renowned scientists.

With new innovative instruments representing the industrial standard for quality control and covering the requirements of fundamental research, POROTEC now offers a wide variety of instruments for the characterisation of finely divided and porous solids.

With opening our new Application-Lab we are able to demonstrate the instruments for Hg-porosimetry, physisortion, chemisorption, DVS vapour sorption, density measurements, PSA pressure swing adsorption, particle size measurements and TPDRO temperature programmed desorption reduction oxidation and pulse-chemisorption. Within our lab we are able to improve our service capabilities with training courses and mandate analysis. This helps our customers to solve their analytical problems.

POROTEC, together with the good co-operation of our customers and decades of years experience in development of scientific instruments, will continue to introduce new techniques in both hardware and software offering successful solutions, utilising powerful instruments, combined with superior support services.