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Participation in the conference «Graphene: Molecule and 2D-crystal»

    конференция графен Промэнерголаб на конференции графен молекула и 2D кристалл

    We took part in the second Russian conference "Graphene: Molecule and 2D-crystal", which took place on August 7-11 at Novosibirsk State University.

    The event was organized by the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry. A.V. Nikolaev SB RAS, Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry. N.S. Kurnakov RAS, Institute of Catalysis. G.K. Boreskov SB RAS and the Institute of Semiconductor Physics. A.V. Rzhanov SB RAS. The conference was devoted to discussing the results and prospects of research on graphene and related structures. More than 100 specialists from Russia, USA, Belarus, Spain, Germany and Great Britain became the participants.

    Our company acted as a sponsor and took part in the exhibition.


    • Chemical and CVD synthesis of graphene and related materials
    • Chemical modifications of graphene and hybrid 2D materials
    • Topological insulators and Weyl semimetals
    • Characterization of graphene and other 2D materials
    • Theory, structure and modeling of properties of graphene and related low-dimensional materials
    • Graphene electronics
    • Mechanical and electromechanical properties and applications
    • Optical and electromagnetic properties and applications

    At our stand, detailed information was presented on Park Systems atomic force microscopes, which are successfully used to work with carbon nanostructures.