A&D was founded in 1977 in Tokyo. The history of A&D dates back to the early days of digital electronics. During this time, mechanical instruments were mainly used to monitor and control industrial processes, as well as to carry out measurements. The appearance of A&D products during the development of analog-digital technologies served as the basis for the formation of the company as a leading international manufacturer of high-quality analog-digital equipment.

The name of the company is formed by merging the capital letters of the words Analog (analog) and Digital (digital).

A&D is one of the leading companies in the field of measurement technology thanks to its excellent management, production flexibility and skillful marketing. The company is sensitive to market demands and is a developer of the latest technologies, without which no new A&D product comes out.

A&D is:

  • transnational organization, with a manufacturing company in Japan and subsidiaries in Russia, USA, Germany, Australia, Korea, China, UK and India;
  • one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic scales;
  • the largest manufacturer of electronic scales in Japan;
  • major supplier of analog-to-digital converters and electron-beam guns for the semiconductor industry;
  • the owner of the patent for the first electronic device for home use, measuring blood pressure by the oscillometric method;
  • patent holder for SHS (Super Hybrid Sensor) - super hybrid sensor;
  • a unique company specializing in the development of both professional and household blood pressure meters.