Light Conversion

Vilnius, Lithuania

Light Conversion

The key drivers at LIGHT CONVERSION are consistency, the persistent quest for corporate goals, close attention to clients’ needs, and an assurance of the exclusive quality of the products developed by the company. We have been developing technologies that alter the worlds of science and industry. Using our knowledge, experience, and leading position, we strive for perfection and continued growth.

On the day our company was founded, we chose the path of research and have been following it ever since. Investments into this field have opened up a doorway to global markets for us. For more than two decades, we have been searching for and discovering new ways to apply femtosecond laser technology. The clients of LIGHT CONVERSION range from research centers and labs and industrial corporations to medical companies.

We are the world‑leading manufacturer of wavelength‑tunable femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) based on our TOPAS and ORPHEUS series as well as diode pumped solid state femtosecond lasers PHAROS and CARBIDE.

Both PHAROS, the most versatile femtosecond laser amplifier on the market, and the ultra‑compact and cost‑efficient CARBIDE, feature market‑leading output parameters along with a robust design attractive to both industrial and scientific customers.

With major industrial customers operating in display, automotive, LED, medical device, and other industries, the reliability of PHAROS and CARBIDE has been proven by hundreds of systems operating in 24/7 production environments. The lasers are mainly used for drilling and cutting of various metals, ceramics, sapphire, glass, and material ablation for mass‑spectrometry. However, customers are always finding new ways for PHAROS and CARBIDE to make existing manufacturing processes more efficient.

To complement our laser amplifiers we offer a strong portfolio of femtosecond products: harmonic modules (provide pulses at 515, 343, 257 and 206 nm), OPAs (produce continuous tuning output from ~190 nm up to ~20 μm), HARPIA spectrometers, TiPA and GECO autocorrelators. All our products can be customized and fine-tuned to meet the most demanding applications.

Founded in 1994 in Vilnius, Light Conversion is a privately‑owned company with >300 employees. Our >6500 m² facility accommodates design, R&D, and production teams so that all key manufacturing processes are managed in‑house.

With more than 4500 systems installed worldwide, Light Conversion has established itself as an innovative producer of ultrafast optical devices and the largest manufacturer of femtosecond optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) and non‑collinear OPAs. In addition to selling our products via a wide range of distributors, we also provide our OEM devices for other major laser manufacturing companies.