Список публикаций K1-Fluo

Издание Название статьи Страницы Год публикации Авторы
J Bacteriol Virol. LPS-stimulated Macrophage Activation Affects Endothelial Dysfunction Vol 48. No 1, 23-30 2018 Naehwan Baek, Sohyun Sim and Kyung-Sun Heo
Frontiers in Pharmacology nhibition of Collagen-Induced Platelet Aggregation by the Secobutanolide Secolincomolide A from Lindera obtusiloba Blume Volume 8, Article 560, 1-11 2017 Sang-Hyuk Jung, Joo-Hui Han, Hyun-Soo Park, Jung-Jin Lee, Seo Young Yang, Young Ho Kim, Kyung-Sun Heo and Chang-Seon Myung
Chemical Communications Bioorthogonal approach for imaging the binding between Dasatinib and its target proteins inside living cells Chem. Commun. 2016, 52, 11764-11767 2016 Young-Rang Kim, Young Hye Kim, Sung Woo Kim, Yong Ju Lee, Dong-Eon Chae, Kyung-A Kim, Zee-Won Lee, Nam Doo Kim, Jong-Soon Choi, Insung S. Choi and Kyung-Bok Lee
OPTICS EXPRESS Design and fabrication of an optical probe with a phase filter for extended depth of focus Vol.24, No.2, 1037-1044 2016 Jingchao Xing, Junyoung Kim, and Hongki Yoo
NPG Asia Materials Bottom-up and top-down manipulations for multi-order photonic crystallinity in a graphene-oxide colloid NPG Asia Materials (2016) 8, e296 2016 Tian-Zi Shen, Seung-Ho Hong, Bomi Lee and Jang-Kun Song
Nature Communications Dielectrophoretic manipulation of the mixture of isotropic and nematic liquid NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 6:7936 2015 Soo-Dong Kim, Bomi Lee, Shin-Woong Kang, Jang-Kun Song
OPTICS EXPRESS Dual-detection confocal fluorescence microscopy: fluorescence axial imaging without axial scanning OPTICS EXPRESS, Vol.21, No.15, 17839-17848 2015 Dong-Ryoung Lee, Young-Duk Kim, Dae-Gab Gweon,and Hongki Yoo